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Significant savings through improved energy efficiency


You can only manage what you can measure!

Saving energy and increasing productivity are not mutually exclusive. As the cost of energy continues to soar and penalties for missed Kyoto targets loom, the acute necessity of improving energy efficiency cannot be ignored. The only way to conserve energy is to know precisely how, when and where it is being consumed in the first place. Being able to measure energy consumption is therefore essential to developing an efficient solution. The APROL EnMon system from B&R provides continuous energy monitoring, either as a standalone unit or integrated directly in a process control system.

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Maximum flexibility

Based on the APROL process control system, B&R now offers APROL EnMon, an out-of-the-box solution for energy monitoring. As an engineering platform, APROL ensures maximum flexibility with the least amount of cost and effort. It considerably simplifies the implementation of energy management tasks set up in connection with the ISO 50001 and EN 16001 standards while ensuring that no information whatsoever falls through the cracks.

Ultimate scalability

Since APROL serves as the process control platform, it is also possible to implement solutions that go far beyond conventional energy monitoring tasks. The result is maximum investment protection, with more than enough flexibility and scalability for the system to grow into whatever tasks you assign it. In this way, the system is always perfectly tailored to your demands, regardless of whether it contains only a couple dozen measurement points or several thousand.

out of the box

APROL EnMon possesses the flexibility to adapt to any requirement. As a finished solution package, all customers have to do is set parameters for the system to be ready to use. In the same way, complete energy management is possible through the integration of APROL EnMon into the APROL process control system.


Standalone solution for measuring and monitoring in all industries

Measurement, logging and evaluation

ISO 50001 is a global standard that applies to all industries. APROL EnMon is B&R's solution for measuring, recording and evaluating all relevant energy usage to provide optimal support for the continuous improvement of processes.

Standalone – or fully integrated solution

Because APROL EnMon is a standalone solution, it can be integrated into existing automation solutions without risk. It is up to the user whether energy monitoring should be installed independently of existing building control, SCADA or process control systems. APROL EnMon has been designed as either a fully integrated or standalone solution; as such, it can be implemented into existing APROL process control systems at any time.


Infrastructure automation

For users such as energy contractors, the standalone solution is usually the best way forward since it doesn't require intervening in existing systems. Time-consuming interface clarification tasks on legacy systems as well as adjustments and modifications to the existing system are not necessary.

Factory automation

In the area of factory automation, energy data from individual machines is required; this data is made available over various interfaces. Other energy data is measured using additional transmitters and collected using remote I/O channels in a separate energy monitoring system.

Plant automation

For mid-sized systems typical of plant automation, adding a controller to the existing system for energy monitoring makes sure that tasks are kept separate. Direct processing the energy data in an existing APROL system is an effective way to minimize investment costs.

Process control

Most existing process control systems already have several locations where energy is measured. The energy data is then connected via specified interfaces and processed in a separate energy monitoring system. In this way, the existing process control system configuration remains unchanged.


Full acquisition of all energy types and energy consumption User-defined energy types

Electrical energy, heating gas, heating oil, steam, thermal energy, compressed air, water,renewable energy sources, etc.

APROL EnMon provides energy monitoring for all different types of energy, not just electrical. These types of energy can be defined as needed so that the user can specify names that correspond to the particular requirements at hand (e.g. Heating Gas A7, Heating Gas B3). A generic approach is used throughout the data reporting, making it unnecessary to make any adjustments whatsoever.


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