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The new remote maintenance solution from B&R makes diagnosing and maintaining machinery and equipment easier than ever. The solution utilizes the latest IT and security standards and allows for significant savings with low investment costs.

Like consumer goods, machines and systems are now sold in all corners of the world. Modern communication and transportation bring distant locations ever closer together. Modern production and logistics systems enable markets on a global scale.

But for OEMs, having customers around the world also comes with its share of new challenges. The situation becomes more difficult when it comes time for more extensive maintenance. To avoid the cost of flying service technicians and engineers halfway around the world, OEMs are increasingly relying on remote maintenance.

  • Range of functions
  • Diagnostics with Automation Studio and System Diagnostics Manager (SDM)
  • Access the HMI application directly
  • Read logbook entries and application data
  • Change machine settings and parameters
  • Update programs and firmware

Simple and secure

With B&R's remote maintenance solution, a service technician can access machines from anywhere in the world to retrieve logbook entries, application data and much more. This is done via a certificate-secured and encrypted VPN connection between the SiteManager on the machine and the GateManager at the machine manufacturer's service center.

Fast maintenance response times

When a customer's equipment or machine isn't working, every minute counts. If a service technician isn't available on-site, it can be hours or days before expert assistance is available. With the B&R remote maintenance solution, a technician can connect, run diagnostics, adjust parameters and resolve the error – all in a matter of moments.

Use cases

Secure remote maintenance

As a machine manufacturer, you want the ability to connect to your machines in the field quickly and easily when problems arise. Establishing a connection takes only a few seconds, and then you're ready to troubleshoot and make the necessary corrections.

Secure remote programming

As a machine manufacturer, you want to actively support your commissioning team on-site at your customer's location from the convenience of your office. Your software developers need access to the machine being installed in order to adjust system parameters and the software configuration to the customer's needs.

Secure remote data logging

As a machine manufacturer, you want access to the machine parameters of all your installed machines so you can store them centrally. Analysis of the collected data makes it possible to identify faulty parts early on and plan service intervals optimally.


Service technicians have the ability to connect with machinery and equipment using software. They can do so via a PC-based system or using a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android). All access is logged and archived for later traceability.

Data transfer

www – three letters, infinite possibilities. With Internet access now reaching the farthest corners of the earth, it is clearly the ideal way for service technicians to connect to machines. A prerequisite for this is the ability to transmit data securely and reliably. B&R's remote maintenance solution utilizes a secure VPN connection. No data is transferred until the sophisticated authentication process has completed successfully. The connection to the Internet can take place via LAN, WLAN or a mobile network. All three connection variants are protected by firewall.


A SiteManager is part of the machine network and provides access to the network via the GateManager. All SiteManager variants are equipped with integrated inputs and outputs as well as at least one Ethernet port. The integrated firewall manages all access to the machine network – on both the IP address and protocol layers. All SiteManager variants can be configured in Automation Studio.

GateManager including machine pool management

Machine manufacturers have many customers – and even more machines in the field. To improve the efficiency of remote maintenance, the B&R remote maintenance solution features a GateManager with integrated machine pool management. This manages the machines in the field, and also manages the access rights of service staff operating the individual machines. The Machine Pool Management service included in B&R's remote maintenance solution is easy to use without any special IT knowledge.

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