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Power Panel with terminal functionality

Power Panel T30

The Power Panel T30 is purely a visualization device that can be operated in 2 different modes. On one hand, it operates as a web browser device using standard technology (frameless full screen mode). On the other hand, the terminal can also be used optimally with Visual Components. One of the two integrated functions is simply selected during configuration. The data connection is based on standard Ethernet with all the advantages related to easy and affordable cabling.



  • Extremely compact design
  • Optimized border width without compromising the mounting and sealing surface
  • Easy to select the operating mode
  • Cost-effective cabling

Integrated cable mounts
  • Simple and robust stress relief
  • Mounting plates integrated on the housing
  • Optimally placed cable outlet
2x standard Ethernet
  • RJ45 10/100 Mbit/s
  • With integrated switch
  • For simple daisy chain wiring
2x USB 2.0
  • For device updates
  • For connecting standard USB devices
  • Access from the application using function libraries
Configuration options
  • Automatically via the controller CPU
  • Via the USB flash drive
  • Via the integrated service page

Touch button

An integrated button on the lower right corner of the monitor area is part of the panel overlay design. This touch button can be included in the visualization program. This is a distinctive element for your visualization application that makes it possible, for example, to elegantly implement home or help functions.



Power Panel T-Series and C-Series models are available in portrait and landscape format. The touch button is located optimally in the lower right corner. No matter which format you select, the button is always in the right position.


Overlay design

Anthracite gray with pinstripes or aluminum white with pinstripes: The perfect color for nearly all installations, available in both portrait and landscape format. These stylish pinstripe colors accentuate the quality of your visualization device and machine.

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