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These are our highlights for 2017

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Discover our highlights for 2016. In keeping with the SPS IPC Drives, we present our innovations for the coming 12 months. Curious? - Take a look at our developments.

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A smart move toward mass customization

The trend of product personalization is sweeping across numerous industries – but at this point still involves manual intervention at numerous steps along the way.

An intelligent transport system is an ideal way to implement a motion control solution with this level of responsiveness. Unlike conventional belts with rigid timing, an intelligent transport system conveys each product individually – with variable target positions, speeds and clearances.

SuperTrak by B&R

Seamless, effortless safety for production lines

Up until now, it has been virtually impossible to implement safety technology when automating highly modular and flexible machine lines. B&R aims to change that by combining OPC UA and openSAFETY to form Safe Line Automation – providing fully automated safety communication for modular production lines.

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New mapp components available

Two years ago, B&R radically simplified the development of machine software with the introduction of mapp Technology. These precoded and thoroughly tested modular software components have since been making life easier for OEMs by taking low-level programming tasks for basic functions off their hands. B&R is continuously expanding the software framework and opening up potential savings while increasing software quality.

New components

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