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Saving energy and increasing productivity are not mutually exclusive. Energy intensive production processes hold an especially large potential for savings - companies would be remiss not to take full advantage of this potential. The current automationLETTER points out how B&Rs automation technology improves energy consumption and increases efficiency.

Mastering the energy transition

Renewable energy has completely upended the landscape of traditional energy technology. Standalone solutions have long run out of steam trying to keep up with controlling processes whose complexity does nothing but increase. A complete solution is needed – a reliable approach that makes it possible to manage complicated systems from a central location. ... Find out more

Significant savings through improved energy effiency

According to various forecasts energy prices will increase to over 20 percent by 2020. Improving energy efficiency will be an effective way to control costs in addition to securing a competitive edge. APROL EnMon is B&R’s solution for measuring, recording and evaluating all relevant energy usage. ... Find out more

Safety Technology for wind turbines

The most hazardous situation that must always be watched out for in a wind turbine is rotor overspeed. This can cause one of the blades to break, with some of the parts flying off as a result. With a mass of several tons per blade and a rated peak speed of around 300 km/h, the damage caused by careening components could be devastating. ... Find out more

B&R shines a spotlight on 3 highlights at WindEnergy Hamburg

One of the highlights being presented this year by B&R at booth B5.440 of the WindEnergy Hamburg expo is the latest release of the APROL process control system. For extremely time-critical applications, B&R has developed a groundbreaking new solution that achieves response times of 1 µs – reACTION technology. Solution can be implemented in standard hardware, making it possible to boost performance enormously without increasing costs. ... Find out more

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