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New generation of robotic hand

Stäubli_Robot with hand
Poitiers University automated the robotic hands’16 joints and 16 actuators with B&R technology.

Poitiers University and B&R bring robots to life

The Robioss robotics research team based at Poitiers University has developed a new generation of dexterous robotic hands with 16 joints and 16 actuators that reproduce complex human movements such as grasping and fine manipulation. Mounted on a Stäubli robot arm and controlled by the B&R Automation PC 910, this hand is capable of performing a wide range of tasks, including complex packaging tasks as the manipulation of delicate food elements or flexible sacks. Due to POWERLINK, both the hand and the Stäubli robot are controlled with perfect synchronization. Moreover, the Automation Studio 4 software tool from B&R allows researchers to handle the control software as a bundle of reusable modules, thus making cooperative development easier within the team.

A strong partnership

In the 10 years of its existence, the partnership between Poitiers University and B&R has grown stronger and stronger. The mechatronics department and its students benefit from the advantages of the education support program B&R offers worldwide. Beyond the B&R education support program, this partnership has also contributed to highlighting the pioneering projects of the Robioss robotics research team. Based at Poitiers University, this team belongs to the P Prime Institute operated by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Robots and humans working hand in hand

One of the current areas being focused on by Robioss researchers involves allowing humans and robots to work hand in hand in a safe way. Being able to integrate robots that cooperate with human operators into production lines has now become a key factor for competitiveness for many consumer goods companies. At the latest event organized by Poitiers University and B&R last November, over 150 participants – including many packaging machine builders and users – could see for themselves that B&R systems and the bus-independent safety standard openSAFETY not only allow easy and safe integration of robots into production lines and medical applications, but also open up entirely new ways for humans to work with robots.

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