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TM280 – Condition monitoring based on vibration measurement

B&R has developed a condition monitoring module, the X20CM4810, which is used to perform vibration analysis. The module itself measures and calculates various parameters and characteristic values, which can be Automation Studio configured and used in Automation Studio.

The training module covers the topics of condition monitoring and vibration measurement technology in general, as well as the specific functions and settings of the module. The seminar includes three workshops on measuring imbalance, periodic impact and bearing damage.

The topic of condition monitoring in a real machine environment will also be covered and the mapp components that can be used will be shown.

Uploading the raw data from the module will be covered in the appendix.

Learning objectives and contents

  • General information about condition monitoring
  • The basics of vibration measurement
  • Areas of application and use cases
  • Condition monitoring module - X20CM4810
  • Signal processing in the module
  • Parameters, characteristic values, functionality
  • Practical applications for damage detection
  • Condition monitoring in a real machine environment
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    TM280 – Condition Monitoring Based on Vibration Measurement Technology
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