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reACTION: B&R is proud to present the world's fastest programmable safety technology. reACTION technology achieves safety response times down to 100 µs. It's time to start rethinking what your machine can achieve safely.

B&R has extended the use of reACTION technology into the area of safety applications. This technology makes it possible for time-critical subprocesses to be executed directly in the I/O modules, which reduces response times by a factor of 100 or more. What's more, no expensive special hardware is needed to use reACTION technology, and programming is just as easy as it is for conventional control solutions. The reACTION modules are just as compact as B&R's standard SafeIO modules.

Relief for controller and network

The reACTION module handles a portion of the processing, relieving both the controller and the network and in many cases allowing them to be scaled down. In most cases, the resulting savings more than outweigh the added cost of the reACTION modules.

  • Highlights
  • Programmable safety technology
  • Safety response times of 100 µs
  • Relief for controller and network

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