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Optimal tuning for hydraulic controls

B&R offers new functions for hydraulic control in its Automation Studio engineering environment. Users benefit from more powerful diagnostics and improved commissioning and maintenance. With automatic tuning for pump drives and valve-based hydraulic controls.

To utilize the advantages of electric drive technology in hydraulic applications, servo pump drives combine a servo motor and a hydraulic pump. B&R handles speed and pressure control for hydraulic axes directly in the ACOPOS servo drive.

Automatic pressure control loop tuning

A new function in Automation Studio makes it possible to automatically tune the pressure control loop for hydraulic axes to the process conditions, saving users considerable time during setup. The automated process identifies the frequency response of the hydraulic system using a wideband speed signal and tunes the control loop parameters accordingly. B&R offers automatic tuning for more than just pressure control. Users have already been able to automatically tune the speed and current control loops on ACOPOS drives.


Monitor your own processes

During automatic tuning, the dynamic behavior of the hydraulic system is identified. This allows users to view the system's frequency response and monitor their own processes more efficiently. Changes in the dynamic behavior or signs of wear can be identified in this way. It is also possible to display the control loop settings in the frequency response and make targeted manual adjustments.

Efficient valve control

In valve-based hydraulic control loops, the hydraulic valve is used to regulate the hydraulic drive (cylinder). Unfortunately, the characteristic curves provided in the data sheet for valves are very often imprecise or the behavior changes over the product's service life. That's why B&R has developed an automated process for identification of valve characteristic curves. The curve is calculated by taking cylinder speed measurements with the valve open to varying degrees. The B&R hydraulic control kernel uses the characteristic curve to control the valve efficiently.

  • Highlights
  • Powerful diagnostics
  • Automatic control loop tuning
  • Accelerated setup
  • Optimum hydraulic system utilization
Automatic tuning for hydraulic drives are used in the plastics industry, for instance, to simultaneously improve and simplify startup processes.
Powerful diagnostics options based on frequency response can help optimize hydraulic controls efficiently to the conditions of the machine.
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