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New functions in SafeDESIGNER

Easier creation of safety applications

B&R makes it easier to create safety applications with a series of new mapp functions in SafeDESIGNER. It is also possible to use a combination of data from the standard application to generate safety-relevant data.

Safety data from standard (non-safety) signals

The Data-to-SafeDATA function determines a safe speed and a safe position using data from the standard application. This is done by comparing speed and position data from two standard (non-safety) I/O modules with each other. With the help of the functions provided, the data can be used as the safe speed for applications up to PL d and the safe position for applications up to PL c .

Easily solve complex calculations

With advanced mathematics functions, B&R makes it easier to make complex calculations in an application. All data is calculated as fixed point numbers. The user does not need to worry about rounding, resolution or buffer overflow errors.

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