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Newsletter 11/2020

3 reasons you should integrate robots

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What do you have to gain from integrating robots into your machines? Robotics specialist Sebastian Brandstetter reveals three good reasons you should check out Machine-Centric Robotics.

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Manage user groups centrally

We make factory-level user management substantially easier. Rather than having to manage user by user on each individual machine, all user data is stored on a central server and retrieved from there at every login. But how does that work exactly?

Easier user management

ACOPOStrak video tutorials

The flexible ACOPOStrak track system moves products quickly, flexibly, and economically through machines or systems on individual shuttles. The Automation Academy has produced a series of video tutorials to help you set up your very own ACOPOStrak system.

ACOPOStrak setup, quick and easy

Boost productivity per square meter floorspace

Adaptive manufacturing saves valuable floorspace. In costly clean room installations, an adaptive solution can pay for itself in footprint savings alone. Learn more about adaptive manufacturing and see how it could help you get more output from less space.

Be more productive

Test bay of the future

When you manufacture power supply systems, there's no avoiding the barrage of functional and safety testing to ensure that they are fit for use. One manufacturer has taken this as an opportunity to expand their test bay in a simple way and make it future-proof. The key was a modular safety solution.

Test like the best

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