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The wiring of electrical switching devices in the control cabinet has been made considerably easier in previous years with plug-in rail-mount systems from various manufacturers. With its trend-setting connection design, ACOPOSmulti breaks new ground on this path adapted for drive systems.

Simply attach to the mounting plate and fasten the device - this establishes the connections with the power supply module. In addition to the connection of the DC bus and the 24V auxiliary supply, the ground connection is established via the rail system. Additional grounding measures from module to module are not necessary.

The rails integrated in the mounting plate are amply dimensioned. This makes it possible to freely arrange the sequence of modules without limitations.

The rail system integrated in the backplane module is designed to be protected from accidentally being touched. The 24V auxiliary supply voltage and the DC voltage from the DC bus are distributed as required.

The rail contacts are used for the power supply modules and the auxiliary supply modules to feed power in to the rail system and to supply inverter modules with power. A protective ground conductor is integrated in the the rail system. Therefore, external wiring is not needed for the modules.

The motor and encoder lines are connected in the easiest way imaginable using plugs and pre-assembled cables. The network connection is also made the same way. For large power ratings (i.e. 64kW and up), threaded bolts and sufficient free space make it much easier to connect to the power supply module and inverter module.

The ACOPOSmulti motor and encoder cables are produced with SpeedTEC® connectors from Intercontec - providing easy-to-use connectors for our customers. SpeedTEC® connectors are designed so that the system can only be closed if it is connected correctly. Because of the ratchet effect, the user is sure that the connector is closed correctly and that it cannot be opened again by vibrations.

All insertable connections (signal, motor connection) can be wired using screw terminals or cage clamps, according to the user's needs. The principle - simply attach and tighten the screws - was also skillfully applied to the shield connections.

ACOPOSmulti motor cables are equipped with a shield plate that only needs to be connected to the ACOPOSmulti inverter module and fastened. Optimum shielding effect and quick, easy installation does not have to be a contradiction.

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