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B&R products and software algorithms are perfectly suited for controlling wood drying processes. They support various technologies such as convection, dehumidification and vacuum drying, both during the development phase as well as during system operation. Model-based software tools such as MATLAB and MapleSoft are seamlessly incorporated in the B&R engineering environment, while the ability to completely integrate hardware and software ensures that system energy costs can be measured precisely and monitored to increase the efficiency of the drying process.

Additional advantages

  • Analysis of a wide variety of measurement data to optimize the drying process
  • Energy-optimized regulation of temperature and dampness
  • Compact hardware solution
  • High CPU performance for calculating mathematical models
  • No memory limits

B&R has the perfect solution for...

MATLAB/Simulink & MapleSoft

A direct connection between MATLAB/Simulink or MapleSoft and B&R control systems provides a unique advantage when it comes to improving and optimizing the drying process. Complex mathematical models can be developed using MATLAB/Simulink and MapleSoft, not just for the drying system but for its immediate environment as well. The automatically generated C code can be easily uploaded to a B&R controller, which enables faster prototype development and shorter development times.

Synchronization and performance

Fully scalable controllers from B&R provide enough power for any complex mathematical algorithms to run directly on the controller without requiring additional PCs. Directly connecting cameras and/or laser systems to monitor the process and ensure quality are also part of the integrated automation solutions provided by B&R. This integration and the extremely short response times achieved by POWERLINK, NetTime and reACTION technology increase productivity and improve quality.

Temperature control

An extensive temperature control library with function blocks, PID controllers and HMI templates is the ideal solution for wood drying systems.

The library supports:

• Autotuning

• Management of several different temperature zones

• Storage space for large amounts of data

The complete integration into the system goes without saying.

Keeping energy costs under control

Energy costs must be monitored at all times to ensure that the drying process makes sense economically. Here it is important to have an overview of steam, heating, electricity and other costs in order to ensure that the process is completely optimized. Special X20 modules record all values from the system and deliver them to APROL EnMon. EnMon not only collects the data, it also provides clear analysis and suggests corrective measures to boost the efficiency of the system.

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