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Education Network Germany

As part of B&R's worldwide Education Network, we have an independent department at B&R's German headquarters in Bad Homburg. To ensure local availability, you can also find a member of the Education Network team in some technical offices.

Our objectives are...

  • … Providing support for training in Germany
  • … Making state-of-the-art technologies available
  • ... Working with you to developing teaching and learning concepts to meet your needs
  • … Providing students the opportunity to have early contact with the company

Talk with us

  • Patrick_bearbeitet
    Patrick Haberstroh
    Education Network manager
    Servicing the southern region
    Marco Sprenger
    Education Network manager
    Servicing the western region
    Frederik Winter
    Education Network developer
    Servicing the western region
    Thomas Schmertosch
    Education Network developer
    Servicing the eastern region
    René Dietz
    Education Network developer
    Servicing the northern region


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