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Digital twins and simulation models make it possible to reduce development times for machine programs. Training and development require interaction with realistic problems. Simulations can be used for this purpose without risk. With the industrialPhysics version from B&R, simulation models are already being delivered. Further models are available in the download area of our website.

You are only a few clicks away. Download "industrialPhysics - B&R Edition" and one of the simulation models.

  • Included in the simulation package
  • Brief description including the specification and how to use the model
  • Simulation model for industrialPhysicsThe license "1TGSIMIP.SNG.00-01" - AS Industrial Physics Runtime License - is required to activate the HIL simulation.
  • Automation Studio project template for ArSim
  • Simulation box lift - Material jam

Download for simulation models

The "Knowledge Center" is included with the installation of "industrialPhysics - B&R Edition". This help system contains additional simulation models, including documentation and an Automation Studio project.

Palletizer model in industrialPhysics and Knowledge Center with further models

Download "IndustrialPhysics - B&R Edition"

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