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B&R drive solutions are configured, put into operation and diagnosed in Automation Studio. Uniform software interfaces compliant with PLCopen make it easy to program and combine a variety of different drive components in the machine.



Model number

SeminarAutomation Studio training: Basics [SEM210.2]

2 days


Learning objectives and content

  • Components of a mechatronic drive solution
  • Configuring the B&R drive solution
  • Test environment for commissioning a drive
  • Use of diagnostic tools
  • mapp Technology concept
  • PLCopen-compliant basic functions PLCopen is a vendor-independent organization in the field of industrial control technology. They develop standards intended to increase the efficiency of application development and lower the maintenance costs of associated software. (Source: de.wikipedia.org; source text translated into English)
  • Programming axis movements in structured form
  • Simulation options
  • Creating a sample application
  • Control concept, settings and autotuning

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