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WS3: Vision Expert


Integrated automation technology provides decisive advantages for developing solutions. Less time spent on configuration and tuning parameters, together with a hard real-time link between the automation and camera systems, opens up a multitude of new applications for machine vision systems.

B&R's partner COGNEX has developed a new generation of intelligent machine vision cameras with a POWERLINK interface that allows them to be completely integrated into a deterministic, fully synchronized real-time application. The system is perfect for detecting loose items on a conveyor belt, reading workpiece contours, verifying product quality or reading serial numbers or text from product labels.

The theoretical part of the workshop will address the general technical requirements encountered in a machine vision project. A practical example will then be used to demonstrate how to develop and implement an integrated control application.




Mr. Ursan, Cognex

Mr. Ruschka, Cognex

Mr. Georgiev, Cognex

B&R Team

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