Safety included

Even a basic automation system consisting of an operator panel, I/O and a drive unit can be equipped with a full-fledged safety solution. The SafeLOGIC-X virtual safety controller runs on an ordinary PLC – giving B&R customers the reliability they have come to expect without requiring a dedicated safety controller.

Completely compatible

The ACOPOS P3 can be combined with any of the drives in the ACOPOSmulti family. Additional space can be saved in the control cabinet, for example, by using the motor-mounted ACOPOSmotor or the machine-mounted ACOPOSremote.

No energy left behind

When using an ACOPOS P3 together with an ACOPOSmulti drive, it is also possible to take advantage of the power regeneration capabilities of the ACOPOSmulti drive system. Instead of being converted to heat by braking resistors, braking energy from the ACOPOS P3 is passed on to an ACOPOSmulti via the DC bus, which feeds it back into the power grid.

Improved international capabilities

The ACOPOS P3 supports the world's most common power mains configurations, including TN, TT, IT and corner grounded TN-S systems. In some circumstances, only an additional line filter is needed to meet the necessary regulations. In addition, the ACOPOS P3 satisfies the machinery and equipment manufacturing requirements set forth in EN 55011, CISPR 11 and EN 61800-3 (first environment, category C2).

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