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X20 System

September 2004: The Premier of a New Product Line

As an important product innovation the new modular B&R product line was first introduced at the SPS IPC Drives 2004 exhibition in Nuremberg.

B&R paid special attention to the requirements for machine and system manufacturing automation when developing this new product. Moreover the X20 System should have been the most compact automation product available on the market. This compactness – combined with extremely modular and flexible construction – guarantees optimal cost-effectiveness for the user.

Space-saving, simple and inexpensive to expand at any time, easy to preassemble and mount, and simple to service, these are some of the useful advantages of this system.

X20 system

With many years of experience in control technology to draw upon, we were able to complete the project in a relatively short time. B&R started the serial production in 2005.

First I/O system with three-part modularity

Three basic elements result in one module: terminal block – electronic module – bus module.
This allows different assembly variations on a basic platform.

Intelligent development and runtime software in Automation Studio supports the many variations. The application program automatically detects the construction of the system based on the configuration of the modules being used and loads only the program modules and functions required for the respective variation.

  • SPS IPC Drives 2004_X20#2
  • SPS IPC Drives 2004_X20 #3
  • SPS IPC Drives 2004_X20 #1


Still an innovation - even after 10 years

Meindl Anton_SPS 2013 #2


"The X20 is still the most innovative solution around, and it is well-equipped to handle all the market requirements we expect to encounter in the foreseeable future. Even if we were to go back to the drawing board for a new system, we'd do it exactly the same way we did it ten years ago."

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