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The new ACOPOSinverter P96 from B&R is particularly well suited for machines with high power requirements. It covers three-phase motors in a power range from 55 to 250 kW. The compact device is especially robust and is equipped with modern motor control technology as well as integrated safety technology.

The powerful ACOPOSinverter P96 features direct torque control (DTC). The motor control technology enables precise speed and torque control for all applications and nearly all types of motors. The integrated safety function Safe Torque Off (STO) is included out of the box and ensures that the torque is cut off safely. Every frequency inverter is tested for performance and safety under full load before delivery. This ensures maximum reliability.

  • Highlights
  • Direct torque control (DTC)
  • Full integration in system architecture
  • Integrated Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • For use in harsh environments
  • Large power range of 55-250 kW

Commissioning and maintenance are simple and straightforward. Built-in throttling minimizes system perturbation. Equipped with a POWERLINK interface, the inverter can be fully integrated in the system architecture.

Robust and compact

The ACOPOSinverter P96 is equipped with coated circuit boards and a robust housing that make it perfect for deployment in harsh environments. A controlled fan and measurement of the air intake temperature protect the inverter against temperature related faults. The device's compact dimensions make it easy to mount, whether in the control cabinet or on the wall.

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