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Scalable inverter modules


Space inside the control cabinet is highly valuable. Minimum volume is a decisive factor between survival and failure on the market. Based on this principle, the ACOPOSmulti drive system offers maximum performance with minimum space requirements. To further optimize the compact design, inverter modules up to 22 A are also available as double-axis modules. Depending on the application, this enables you to establish the best possible individual configuration of inverter modules consisting of single and double-axis modules. Above 22 A, all devices are single-axis modules, which means the customer does not have to sacrifice compactness.

Scalable dynamic features

The paradigm shift for the designers of production machines is in full swing. As a result, the number of hybrid drive systems is increasing. ACOPOSmulti is the perfect solution for this mix of conventional motor / gearbox combinations and direct drive technology. The scalability of drive computing power allows the best possible utilization of devices in the vast field of motion technology. The range of applications includes sensor-free induction motors, permanent magnet servo motors in standard torque or linear motor versions, and ultra-dynamic ironless linear motors. Of course, all inverter modules are equipped with protection against short circuit and ground faults.


Safely taking it to the physical limits

IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistors) are one of the key components in the inverter. They are responsible for the power output of the respective inverter module. Pulse width modulated signals are used to generate an output voltage with a controlled amplitude, frequency and phase. The temperature and the increase in temperature in the actual component represents one of the most important factors affecting the lifespan of the IGBTs. Strict adherence to limits is a measure of quality for an inverter, even under the toughest conditions. B&R guarantees adherence to the limits at maximum output power by using a sophisticated mathematical model from the IGBT structure.

Finding a solution to this apparent contradiction provides a number of benefits for the user:

  • Safe inverter operation independent of the operating mode and the environmental conditions.
  • The connected motor does not spin out when the temperature limit is exceeded. Instead, the brakes are applied until reaching standstill, without overloading the IGBTs.
  • Internal computer-aided models (IGBTs, motor) make it possible to predict the load on a power transmission system after all of its components have completely warmed up (after one cycle). This function considerably reduces the typically long settling times during thermal processes and allows the machine operator to optimize the production process extremely efficiently.
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