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B&R has simplified commissioning of safety applications with new widgets for mapp View web-based HMI. These ready-made HMI components can be used individually or multiple components can be placed via drag and drop to create a custom commissioning page.

  • Highlights
  • HMI components for commissioning
  • No programming required
  • Automatic communication with all mapp components
  • Configure machine options via XML file

The Connection widget provides an overview of all available SafeDOMAINs and makes it possible to establish a connection with a SafeDOMAIN. The Status widget displays all basic information related to a SafeDOMAIN. The Transfer widget is available for downloading data. It transfers the safety applications and all safe commissioning options to the SafeLOGIC controller. The latter are specified using an XML-based configuration file. This configuration file can also be generated by a customized order system.

The Completion widget is used to complete commissioning. It lists all the relevant information and provides the user with an overview of the SafeDOMAIN configuration. It is easy to check the status of the machine or plant from a safety perspective. Once the configuration has been confirmed, commissioning is completed and a full report is generated.

The Exchange widget provides support to the machine operator when exchanging a module. It shows the necessary information so the maintenance engineer can complete the maintenance task easily and safely.

Automatic communication

The widgets are automatically linked with other mapp components on the machine. mapp User can be used to manage access rights. In addition, mapp Audit also automatically saves all changes with a timestamp and username in order to prevent unwanted manipulation. Other functions make it possible to backup and restore safety applications or format SafeKEYs.

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