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B&R is constantly adding new elements to the mapp View web-based HMI solution to make development as easy as possible. Called widgets, these elements are conveniently dragged and dropped into place and then configured. There are about 80 widgets currently available. By the end of 2018, 50 more will be added. Some of the newest widgets:

"Paper" widget

B&R makes it easy to create highly dynamic HMI applications. By linking SVG elements to real-time data, visual effects such as rotations, transitions and movements are possible at runtime. All of this is possible using just a single SVG image, which saves both time and money, especially when compared to all the work required to put together multiple images into image sequences. Vector-based SVG graphics also have the advantage of maintaining the quality of an image when zooming.

  • Highlights
  • Easily create animated graphics
  • Integration of VNC-based HMI applications
  • Easily move multiple axes

"VNC viewer" widget

It is now possible to easily integrate VNC-based HMI applications into a mapp View HMI application. The "VNC viewer" widget allows existing equipment and machines with VNC servers to be integrated into the mapp View HMI application for a primary machine or line – completely without programming.

"Tree view" widget

This widget brings the well-known tree structure to your HMI application. Easy access to recipe values, directory trees or anything else with a linear design is now possible using structures similar to those in file explorers used by established operating systems.

"MultiAxis slider" widget

The "MultiAxis slider" widget turns your HMI application into a touchpad. Using only a finger, it is possible to move along axes in two dimensions at the same time, making the manual positioning of robot and CNC axes must more efficient without needing special hardware.

"CodeBox" widget

B&R has upgraded the functions of this widget considerably. The design of the "CodeBox" can be modified as needed to harmonize its appearance with the rest of the application. "CodeBox" is used to modify or upgrade machine code at runtime, making it easy to program and configure things like machine options directly at the machine.

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