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B&R is expanding its X90 control and I/O system to include an I/O module for connecting distributed sensors and actuators on mobile equipment. The X90BC124.32 is connected to the X90 controller via CANopen and has 32 multifunction inputs and outputs.

The new module with a new compact housing is used in combination with an X90 controller for remote I/O expansion. The multifunction inputs and outputs make the X90BC124.32 very versatile. Functions such as digital I/O or PWM outputs are configured in the control application using the B&R Automation Studio development environment.

  • Highlights
  • CANopen interface
  • 32 multifunction I/O channels
  • Compact housing

For use in harsh environments

  • IP69K
  • -40 to 85°C
  • 50 g shock

X90 controller &arrow-right;






Total I/O



Multifunction digital inputs

Sink counter, 50 kHz(1 AB encoder)


Multifunction analog inputs

0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-32 V, 0-25 mA

Can be used as digital input


temperature inputs

0-2000 Ω, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-32 V, 0-25 mACan be used as digital input


Multifunction digital outputs

Up to 3 A, plus-switching

Up to 3 A, minus-switching

Can be used as 0-32 V analog input



Multifunction PVG outputs

PVG valve control

Can be used as 0-32 V analog input


Multifunction PWM outputs

Up to 3 A, plus-switching, 15 Hz to 1 kHz, current measurement, can be used as 0-32 V analog input


Sensor power supply

5 V, 10 V



Width, depth, height

153 x 137 x 43.5

Real-time I/O expansion

When connecting high-end I/O in real time, multiple X90 controllers can be integrated via POWERLINK. B&R offers a hub for this purpose, which is designed for use in mobile equipment.

The X67HB8880.L12 Ethernet hub is a standalone solution that can be used universally as a Level 2 hub in standard Ethernet or POWERLINK networks. Each port is equipped with a Link/Collision and Rx LED. In addition, IP67 protection makes them especially well-suited for harsh environmental conditions.

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