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mapp Services

More service functions for machinery and equipment

With mapp Services, B&R offers modular software blocks that handle the basic functions of machinery and equipment. At SPS IPC Drives 2016, B&R will be presenting numerous new components, including functions for automated text messaging, simplified machine software updates and handling of machine options.

  • Highlights
  • Automated text messaging
  • Easy updates and backups
  • Program machine options on site
  • Add I/O modules on the fly

Automated text messaging

mapp Tweet allows a machine application to send text messages triggered by specific events. Set up with just a few clicks, mapp Tweet can easily be connected to other mapp components via its mapp Link. This enables the mapp AlarmX component, for example, to automatically notify a maintenance technician when an alarm requires immediate action. If the technician fails to confirm receipt within a defined timeframe, the message is automatically forwarded to the next defined recipient.

mapp Tweet can supplement the message with additional information, such as troubleshooting instructions that allow the technician to quickly and efficiently resolve the cause of the alarm. This is an effective way to achieve a targeted reduction in machine downtime.


Easy updating and backup

mapp Backup makes it considerably easier to perform software updates and back up application software in the field. Data can be transferred either on a USB flash drive or via an update server on the machine network. No additional software is required.

Once enabled, the backup function is then available for use at runtime. A backup may include a complete image, the application itself or specific machine data such as recipes or statistics.


Easy options management

OEMs now have a much easier way of managing the many variants of their machines. With mapp CodeBox, they can program options in ladder logic without affecting the machine's primary application.

OEMs still use the development environment to program their machines' basic functionality. In the process, they can define which data, functions and variables are to be accessed via mapp CodeBox. This allows the machines' special features and options to be added later using Ladder Diagram.

Having the software for individual options decoupled from the primary application offers numerous advantages. For one thing, it ensures that you're not introducing errors into the system when you implement new options or customizations. It also greatly simplifies the task of managing all the different variants of your machine.


Add I/O modules on the fly

mapp IO makes it possible to add and configure I/O modules while the machine is running without having to use development software. This greatly simplifies the task of managing variants of machinery and equipment.

In the case of a machine with a large number of customized variants, the OEM programs the core functions as usual in the Automation Studio software development environment. The additional variants and options are configured directly on the machine using mapp IO and then programmed using mapp CodeBox. This reduces the time and cost involved in maintaining multiple versions of application software.

mapp IO is based on XML and can import external XML files via an interface. This makes it possible to generate mapp IO configurations automatically in the order system and then transfer them to the machine. Like other mapp components, mapp IO also includes a widget for use in the mapp View web-based HMI system.

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