Compact servo motors allow precise positioning

The 8WS motor series makes it possible to implement servo applications that require highly precise synchronization and accurate positioning in limited space. Potential applications include gluing and dosing systems, grippers, measurement and testing equipment, filling systems and robot axes.

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8WSB gear motors

8WSB gear motors are 8WSA servo motors with a directly mounted 1- to 3-stage planetary gearbox. The seamlessly welded housing allows for a compact design of the motor-gearbox unit and opens up additional application possibilities.

These brushless motors are offered in four different diameters ranging from 17 to 40 millimeters. The robust, compact 8WS-series motors are specially designed for harsh industrial environments and are available in all sizes with IP54 or IP66/67 protection. Size 4 (ø 40 mm) is optionally available in hygienic design with IP69K protection.

The motors are designed for 60 VDC and cover a power range from 7 to 205 watts of continuous power. The integrated absolute encoder has a resolution of 4096 positions per revolution. The double-shielded hybrid motor cable – available in 2 lengths – is connected directly to the motor and can be used in cable drag chains.

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  • Ultra compact and highly dynamic
  • Power range from 7 to 205 watts for 60 VDC DC bus voltage
  • Can be used with the B&R ACOPOSmicro drive system
  • Robust industrial connectors with optimal EMC shielding
  • Size 4 (ø 40 mm) optionally available in hygienic design with IP69K protection
  • Pre-assembled hybrid motor cable permanently connected to the motor

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