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Optimized temperature control

With the addition of new functions to the Automation Studio package for temperature control, users are now able to operate temperature-related processes closer to their physical limits. More efficient, more productive machines are the result.

The package allows, for instance, automatic multi-zone synchronization via the integrated communication interface. A Kalman filter has also been integrated, which improves control quality even for very noisy measurement signals.

Temperature control made easy

In addition, users can make use of fully automatic controller tuning at the operating point. Multi-zone controller tuning allows automatic synchronization with the slowest zone.

Other new functions include:

  • Load balancing for PWM signal generation
  • Generation of a temperature setpoint with the output of the corresponding feed-forward signals
  • Solution sample of multi-zone temperature control on a 5-zone extruder

In addition to that, B&R developers have made the closed-loop control and automatic tuning algorithms more powerful and, at the same time, have greatly simplified how they work.

Important industrial subprocess

Regulating the temperature of a medium is a challenging subprocess in many industrial applications. Heating and cooling processes often take hours, creating very slow sluggish system dynamics. A significant dead time can occur between the actuator and the measurement due to thermal conduction, for instance.

A further challenge is that the heating bands or cooling units typically lie next to each other and influence each other – resulting in a MIMO system.

Additional challenges:

  • Unknown system parameters: The system parameters are not well known and can change during operation.
  • Differing system dynamics: Because the heating process fundamentally differs from the cooling process, it can be expected that the system dynamics are also different.

All these factors demand an extremely efficient and robust control design. B&R offers the right solution with its software packages.

  • Highlights
  • Get more out of temperature control processes
  • Develop better performing machines
  • Efficient and robust control concepts
Extrusion process: Automatic tuning procedures are used in extrusion processes to optimize startup and parameterization of the machine.
Drying zone in a printing press: The temperature of the print substrate plays a decisive role in overall print quality.

Supply temperature of a heating/cooling medium: Subsequent temperature processes can be controlled more effectively when the temperature of the supply medium is regulated in a subordinate control loop.


Annealing: Particularly in the semiconductor industry, it is important that heating processes follow a defined setpoint profile. This minimizes stress in the materials.

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