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ETA210.0100-100 – Open- and closed-loop control

This ETA system is controlled using an X20 CPU module. A balanced configuration with analog and digital input and output modules makes it easy to handle a wide variety of test and exercise situations. For example, the square illuminated ring keys can be used to control and demonstrate various machine functions. The integrated simulation panel provides users with a temperature control system that allows realistic simulation of heating and cooling processes. Potentiometers and seven-segment displays allow processing of analog input and output signals. The system's features are rounded off by toggle switches and LEDs that make it possible to work with digital input and output signals.

Content of delivery and sample configurations

  • ETA210.0100-100_vorne
  • ETA210.0100-100 von links
  • ETA210.0100-100 von hinten
  • ETA210.0100-100_ANW_X20 Seite
  • ETA210.0100-100_in_action_Desiree
  • Areas of application and features:
  • State-of-the-art control technology
  • The X20 system is a highly modern controller that can be integrated in any network. The X20 CPU has one POWERLINK interface, one Ethernet interface, two USB interfaces and an interface to the remote backplane for connecting remote I/O modules and drives.

  • I/O system with analog and digital modules
  • Digital and analog input and output modules and square illuminated ring keys are connected via remote backplane and POWERLINK to the X20 CPU.

  • User interaction via simulation panel
  • The simulation panel, which is connected to the X20 system I/O modules, allows user input via toggle switches and represents digital output signals via LED status indicators. Two potentiometers are used to input analog signals and two seven-segment displays are used to display analog outputs.

  • Closed loop control via temperature control system
  • The closed loop temperature control system integrated in the simulation panel allows realistic interaction with closed loop control technology. A digital output or an analog signal is used to control a heating element. Feedback is implemented via a PT1000 temperature sensor. A digital output or an analog signal can be used to control a fan, which is used in the controlled system for cooling.

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