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ETA110.1246-100 – Integrated automation technology

This ETA system is controlled by the latest generation swing arm mounted Power Panel 500. It's not just an efficient controller as there is also the option of displaying an HMI application. The manifold assembly demonstrates quite impressively what a complete automation solution from B&R looks like. Stepper and servo motors, which are controlled via an efficient stepper motor module from the X20 series or an ACOPOSmicro servo motor, are available for motion control tasks. In addition, there are various analog and digital input and output modules available so that many different test and practice situations can be easily dealt with. For example, the square illuminated ring keys can be used to control and demonstrate various machine functions. The integrated simulation panel provides users with a temperature control system that allows realistic simulation of heating and cooling processes. Potentiometers and seven-segment displays allow processing of analog input and output signals. The built-in rotary encoder is a further highlight. Functionality is rounded off by the new and compact X20SLX safety controller. This integrates seamlessly into the existing X20 I/O network

  • ETA_IA_assembled_pp_front
  • ETA_IA_assembled_pp_front_right
  • ETA_IA_assembled_pp_left_back
  • ETA_IA_assembled_pp_back
  • ETA_IA_assembled_right_back
  • Areas of application and features
  • State-of-the-art control technology
  • Integrated I/O system
  • Integrated motion control
  • Integrated safety technology
  • Integrated visualization
  • Integrated closed-loop control via simulation panel
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