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ETA510.0102-100 – Integrated safety technology

Safety technology is an integral part of modern machines. In this ETA system, a SafeLOGIC controller has been installed as safety controller in addition to an X20 controller. The X20 controller and the SafeLOGIC controller are connected via POWERLINK. Safety-related data is exchanged using the openSAFETY protocol. In addition to the X20 I/O modules, X20 safety modules are also installed. They are used to control the safety components integrated in the ETA system. This ETA system includes safety functions such as a light curtain, a mode selector switch, an enable switch and an E-stop button.

Content of delivery and sample configurations

  • Areas of application and features:
  • PLCopen programming
  • Many standardized function blocks for implementing safety functions are included in the PLCopen Safety library. With this ETA system, the SF_ESPE, SF_EmergencyStop, SF_OutControl, SF_ModeSelector, SF_Antivalent and SF_Equivalent function blocks can be tested directly on the hardware.
  • Configuring and setting parameters for safety components
    • Integrated light curtain with dedicated OSSD signal
    • Mode selector switch and discrepancy time
    • Safe enable switch
    • E-stop button and equivalence
    • Switching safe actuators with switching frequency monitoring
  • Safety-certified I/O modules
  • Multi-channel evaluation
  • Multiple digital input signals and the corresponding test signals can be configured and used, for example to evaluate a multi-channel, electromechanical switch, in addition to the integrated equivalence/antivalence analysis for the safe digital input modules.
  • Creating safety applications
  • With this ETA system, standard and safety application communication and the enabling principle can be used. Realistic applications, such as downloading the safety application via a routed network connection or acknowledging new software versions and hardware modules on the SafeLOGIC controller demonstrate the functionality of B&R's integrated safety solution in real-world situations.

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