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APROL Solutions training: Advanced process control [SEM890.3]

Advanced Process Control (APC) is general term for controllers that go beyond conventional PID control or that improve them using additional function blocks. This seminar introduces the APC function blocks from the Process Automation Library (PAL). The function blocks have already been placed in CFC plans and connected. The goal here is to explore control methods that can be used to improve control quality. The basics that have been learned will then be reinforced by completing exercises for practical applications.

Objectives and content

  • Basic closed-loop control terminology
  • Description and classification of controlled systems.
  • Signal preparation and filtering.
  • PID controller, manual tuning procedure, use of the autotuning function.
  • Adjustment of PID controller parameters, assessment of the control quality.
  • Correction terms, dynamic disturbance variable feedforward ratio control.
  • Split Range control.
  • Gain scheduling (use and tuning).
  • Alternating control use and functionality with template.
  • Cascade control (use and functionality with template).
  • Control of dead time dominant systems (Smith Predictor).
  • Model Predictive Control (MPC)
  • MPC functionality, settings, startup and project development with guidelines for applications.

Documents provided

  • (TM) book_blue_open
    All necessary documents have been stored on a USB flash drive.
1 2 days APC with MPC + 1 day MPC
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