Material number:
1/2-Red.Controller with TG (Bas/PAL/Red) 1 X20CP3586 X20 CPU ATOM, 1.6GHz, PLK, 3x IF 1 5CFCRD.1024-06 Compact Flash 1024MB B&R SMART 1 X20IF10X0 X20 Interface Redundancy CPU 1000BASE-SX 1 X20IF2181-2 X20 Interface POWERLINK CompLinkSel 1 999_X20ASSEM.BASE completion base price X20 assembly 4 999_X20ASSEM.MOD completion price/module assembly 1 0TG:220198.000-00 APROL Technology Guard with BAS+PAL+C-Red Note: For operation of a redundant controller, X20:220198.075 -00 2x is required.

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