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- Machine vision Smart Sensor - 800 MHz dual core (ARM Cortex-A9) - 1 GB RAM - 2 GB onboard flash drive - Standard size - FPGA image preprocessing - 2x POWERLINK - Sensor 1.3 MP 90 fps - Lens 12 mm, F4 with adjustable focus - LED 16x red/green/blue/lime - Standard LED optics - Polished glass and high AR coating with polarizing filter
Automation Studio HW Upgrades Version (Date) Download
V4.7 HW Upgrade (VSS112Q21.052P-000) EXE / 13 MB
Certificates Version (Date) Download
EU Declaration Machine Vision System PDF / 166 KB
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Smart Camera User's Manual PDF / 7 MB
M-CAD (Mechan. Templates) Version (Date) Download
3D File STEP Camera S-Mount STP / 27 MB

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