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Faster implementation of track systems

B&R's mapp Trak software offers three new design tools for the intelligent ACOPOStrak track system. They simplify the mechanical, electrical and thermal design of the track. The costs of cooling and power consumption can be kept low while simultaneously increasing throughput. The engineering overhead for the track system is reduced considerably.

The shuttles are held on the track by magnetic force. To ensure that they do not lose their adhesion even at high speeds, mapp Trak offers a mechanical design tool for calculating the maximum shuttle speed. The software shows how fast the shuttle can accelerate and at what speed it can enter a curve. With the integrated simulation options in mapp Trak, the developer can also run tests to identify the optimum number and speed of shuttles to maximize productivity. Costly and time-consuming hardware tests are no longer necessary.


  • Reduced programming overhead
  • Optimized shuttle speed
  • Optimized energy efficiency
  • Simplified electrical design
  • Individually adapted cooling

Power requirements in detail

mapp Trak also offers an electrical design tool. This new function detects the amount of electrical power required at any given point in the track system. The software shows exactly where power peaks occur. Early in machine development, it is possible to see how much power the track requires per section and in total. The power supply can be planned and designed accordingly. The machine's energy efficiency is optimized.

Customize the cooling system

The thermal design tool calculates the amount of heat that each track segment generates and releases into the environment. These calculations can be used to design the cooling system for the entire machine. It is also possible to derive the most effective cooling approach for the surrounding area in the production hall.

Simulation for efficient operation

The results of the design tools' calculations flow immediately into mapp Trak's integrated simulation. The developer can play through many scenarios on their office PC without the constraints and risks of a real system. The simulation behaves exactly like a real ACOPOStrak system. This software is identical to the system software later used on the controller. It's possible to switch back and forth between simulation and real operation at any time.

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