Operating system
Target systems
Industrial PC APC910
Chipset QM170
Architecture 64-bit
Language Multilingual
Minimum size of RAM 4 GB
Minimum size of data storage medium 4 GB
Material number:
Linux for B&R 8 - 64-bit - Multilingual - APC910 QM170/HM170/CM236 chipset - Installation - Only available with a new device
Optional Accessories
CFast cards
5CFAST.016G-00 CFast 16 GB SLC
5CFAST.032G-00 CFast 32 GB SLC
5CFAST.032G-10 CFast 32 GB MLC
5CFAST.064G-10 CFast 64 GB MLC
5CFAST.128G-10 CFast 128 GB MLC
5CFAST.256G-10 CFast 256 GB MLC
5CFAST.4096-00 CFast 4 GB SLC
5CFAST.8192-00 CFast 8 GB SLC
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Automation PC 910 Device number key PDF / 627 KB

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