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With a bidirectional interface between the MATLAB/Simulink simulation tool and B&R's Automation Studio engineering tool, B&R has significantly reduced the development overhead for new machines. New functions for Automation Studio Target for Simulink include the ability to feed condition data from the real machine back into the Simulink simulation, as well as new analysis options and an optimized testing environment.

  • Highlights
  • Link to any target system without code generation
  • High-speed processing of machine data
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized testing environment

The new Hot-Plug function enables direct data exchange between a MATLAB/Simulink model and any B&R target system – without the intermediate step of code generation. This allows real machine data to be transferred in real time to the MATLAB/Simulink environment for analysis and greatly simplifies data management. MATLAB/Simulink toolboxes for deep learning, statistics, machine learning and predictive maintenance are easier and faster to use for real machines in the field.

Predictive maintenance

The ability to draw real machine data from the field into the simulation model helps optimize maintenance cycles. Comparing the behavior of the real machine against that of the model makes it possible to identify early signs of impending failure, such as worn or damaged bearings. Data is prepared and pre-processed in MATLAB/Simulink, and can then be transferred to the cloud via a B&R Edge Controller. OEMs can apply the newly gained insight to their entire machine fleet all around the world.

Optimized test environment

The WebView function also extends the options available in the Automation Studio testing environment. Quick verification of the generated code is often required. This function not only reads and writes input and output variables, but also analyzes the values of signal waveforms. The Hot-Plug and WebView functions make it even easier to perform reproducible tests and virtual commissioning of a new machine as well as to analyze and optimize the machine's overall performance. The functions can also be used during operation to help prevent failures through early detection of deviations, faults and defects.

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