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Centralized user management with mapp Services

Every machine has its own unique configuration. This includes user accounts and login data. Keeping track of users, credentials and configurations for a large machine park can be a challenge. With the new mapp UserX Central User Management solution and Microsoft's Active Directory, this challenge can be overcome through the use of simple individual and group policies.

mapp UserX Central User Management makes it possible for the machine itself to log into an Active Directory server; in addition, users no longer have to be defined directly on the machine. Instead, all users and user groups are defined centrally on the Active Directory server, which is also responsible for managing the different accounts and permissions.

This way, users can log into and operate any machine within the corporate network and perform any operations authorized for their respective group and role. Active Directory groups and user roles can be defined using either Automation Studio or mapp Cockpit. An intuitive, web-based setup tool makes it easy to assign which groups are allowed to perform which actions on a particular machine – opening up a wide variety of possibilities for user/role management throughout the plant.

Once deleted from Active Directory, a user is immediately disabled and thus no longer able to operate any of the machines on the network. Active Directory can also be used to store additional user data. This allows machines to access user profile pictures, email addresses, language preferences and any other information or settings stored in Active Directory.

If mapp Audit is also used, the machine can log user management events such as when a user logs in or changes a password. All other events recorded by mapp Audit also contain information about the user who was operating the machine at that time.

  • Highlights
  • Centralized user management for all machines
  • Logging of all events
  • Easily enable and disable users

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