Material number:
CC w/ EnMon ROE/ 50IO/ 50GV, NEW42 Technology Guard configuration / Bill of quantities: 1 PC. 0TG1000.02 Technology Guard (HID) 1 PC. 1TGAP42E0000000NEW Engineering,NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42EAS-0000NEW Engineering AS Edition APROL,NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42O0000000NEW Operator,NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42ONET0001NEW Operator via Net, NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42RBI-1111NEW Business Intellig. R(+E)- Solutions, NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42RGV-0050NEW GV-License-Runtime 0050 GVs, NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42RIO-0050NEW IO-License-Runtime 0050 I/Os, NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42RNET1111NEW SQL access Historian Database, NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42RSVR0000NEW Runtime server,NEW 1 PC. 1TGAP42XOS-0000NEW Operating system+3rd-party lic. per CC

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