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Business Intelligence R (+E)- DCS, NEW License for one instance of Report Server(R) and Report Designer(E). The report server generates reports from the data in use, data at rest or data in transit. Provides report creation and viewing, ad hoc reports and mobile access. Includes a license for "TIBCO JasperReports Server Professional Edition" for APROL (package/bundle for OEM). - B&R offers this license as an integrated software vendor (OEM) exclusively as an optional license for APROL. This license is only permitted to be used together with APROL. - This license is a 1-year subscription and permits the operation of the "TIBCO JasperReports Server Professional Edition" software that is shipped with APROL for an unlimited period of time (OEM license does not expire). - The 1-year subscription begins with the delivery of the APROL system by B&R. - If the "TIBCO JasperReports Server Professional Edition" software is updated/upgraded after the 1-year subscription has expired, a new license (subscription) is required (e.g. caused by the APROL update/upgrade). - Customers who will use the monthly AutoYaST update via license "GPOS- Security update- 202x/ CC" in the future must ensure that a "JRS BI- Security update- 202x" license may also have to be purchased. Note: - The service life of the "TIBCO JasperReports Server Professional Edition" software is not limited. - If the software is updated, however the control computer must have a valid 1-year subscription at that moment.

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