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ACOPOS P3 defies environmental influences

With the ACOPOS P3, B&R is setting new standards for protection against harsh environmental conditions. The electronics of the compact servo drive will now come standard with a special coating that provides protection against external factors. This makes them suitable for use under harsh atmospheric conditions and at temperatures as low as -25°C.

The servo drive can easily be used under extreme conditions like those faced by wind turbines and other offshore applications, as well as in particularly dusty conditions like those in the textile industry. Applications in cold rooms are also possible.


Comprehensive testing

B&R conducts extensive environmental testing to ensure the robustness of its hardware. The tests are carried out in a fully accredited in-house testing laboratory and in certified external testing facilities in accordance with international standards and regulations.

  • Highlights
  • Use down to -25°C
  • Impervious to dust
  • No special hardware required

No disruptive noises in quiet environments

B&R's ACOPOS P3 servo drives now feature a quiet mode. The fan switches itself off automatically when the drive is idle. This eliminates background noise that can be disruptive in quiet environments like theaters or clean rooms. It also allows for extended intervals between maintenance and cleaning.

Tamagawa support for ACOPOS P3

The ACOPOS P3 servo drive now supports Tamagawa encoders. This increases the number of different motor types that can be controlled with the P3. To implement the Tamagawa support, all that's necessary is a simple firmware update. Then the P3's digital multi-encoder interface can also be used for this encoder type.

Communication between drives and peripherals

Plug-in I/O modules 8EAC0130 and 8EAC0134 for the ACOPOS P3 servo drive can now also be used as inputs and outputs for incremental encoder signals. This makes it easier to synchronize movements between different machines. There is no need for a shared bus system or any additional interfaces. The P3 can emulate an incremental encoder and communicate directly with any device that has an interface for incremental signals. All that is needed is a simple encoder cable. The inputs of the plug-in I/O module can now also be used as an event counter.

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