General information
Cable cross section 5x 0.34 mm²
Cable construction
Power lines
Quantity 5
Wire insulation PVC
Wire colors Black, brown, blue, gray, white
Cross section 0.34 mm²
Shield Yes
Stranding Yes
Cable stranding With filler elements and foil shield
Cable shield Tinned copper braiding, optical coverage >85% and foil shield
Outer jacket
Material PUR/PVC
Electrical properties
Nominal current Max. 4 A / contact
Connection voltage Max. 60 V AC/DC
Ambient conditions
Moving -10 to 70°C
Static -20 to 90°C
Mechanical properties
Length 2.6 m
Diameter 6.4 mm ±0.2 mm
Bend radius ≥10x outer diameter
Drag chain data
Acceleration Max. 5.0 m/s2
Flex cycles >2.5 million
Velocity Max. 2.0 m/s
Material number:
INC. Encoder cable, 2.6 m, 5x 0.34 mm², M12

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