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Number of pages 80
Language English
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Included exercises
Included solutions
Required hardware Variant 1: ETAL510.1000-2 and ETAL150.1000-1

Variant 2: ETAL210.1050-1 with ETAL510.8101-1 and ETAL150.1000-1
Required software Automation Studio 4.3 or higherAutomation Runtime 4.3 or higherSafeDESIGNER 4.3 or higherSafety Release 1.20 or higher
Required licenses License or evaluation license for Automation StudioBasic license 1TGMPSF100SN.10-01
Learning time / Reading time 16
Use in seminars SEM510.2
Material number:
Training module manual: Working with SafeDESIGNER (English edition)

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