General information
B&R ID code 0xDCD2
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Mechanical properties
Width 390 mm
Height 390 mm
Depth 390 mm
Brief overview
Content of delivery NOTE: B&R controller components must be ordered separately.

The following materials are recommended:
2 pcs. 8V1010.00-2
2 pcs. 8AC120.60-1
2 pcs. 8AC114.60-2
2 pcs. 8X0040.00-1
2 pcs. 8LSA23.E4060D000-2
1 pc. 0DSMU1.02,
1 pc. 0DSMU2.02
1 pc. 0PS1040.0
1 pc. X20CA0E61.00020
1 pc. X20CA0E61.00040
Material number:
ETA - Basic mechanics for ACOPOS, stack connectors for optimal presentation and storage of ETA systems, mounting plate for two motors (8LSA2x), mounting plate for two ACOPOS drives, protection with removable plastic disk, roller lever for triggers, top-hat rail, adapted wiring harness, 2 suitable encoder cables, 2 suitable motor cables, NOTE: B&R controller components must be ordered separately.
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ETA Standard System - B&R Components XLSX / 4 MB

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