General information
B&R ID code 0xE293
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Mechanical properties
Width 390 mm
Height 390 mm
Depth 390 mm
Material number:
Condition monitoring for vibration measurement With this ETA system, all operating modes of the X20CM4810 module, in conjunction with acceleration sensors 0ACS100A.00-1 and 0ACS100A.90-1, can be put into operation and tested in realistic application situations. + Detection of bearing damage + Detection of periodic shocks + Detection of unbalance + Detection of misalignment of motor shaft
Optional Accessories
0TP370.76 Attachment cable to wide-range desktop power supply for office and laboratory use, CEE 7/7 to IEC C13 connector typical application: power supply for evaluation and training systems ETA light
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ETA Standard System - B&R Components XLSX / 4 MB

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