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Mechanical properties
Width 300 mm
Height 230 mm
Depth 6 mm
Installation Dimensions of the installation cutout 187 x 130 mm 

Can be used for: 
6PPT30.070x-xxx 6PPT50.070x-xxx 4PPC30.070x-xxx 4PPC50.070x-xxx 4PPC70.070x-xxx

Please check the installation dimensions of the device.
Material number:

This module rack allows you to integrate your customized panel into the ETA light system, for example. This product can also be used as a replacement part for existing modules.

  • ETAL100.0607-1 - C-Series / T-Series Panel module rack 7-inch
  • Module rack without hardware
  • Mounting a C / T Series Panel
  • Cutout dimensions: 186.8 mm x 129.9 mm
Documentation Version (Date) Download
Power Panel C30 user's manual PDF / 2 MB
Power Panel C70 User's Manual PDF / 4 MB
Power Panel T30 User's manual PDF / 5 MB
Power Panel T50 user's manual PDF / 6 MB

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