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More options, less cost

Muting suppresses the safety reaction of a light curtain when certain objects pass through. The advanced muting modes available from B&R offer new, flexible yet inexpensive possibilities in this area. By recognizing multiple product profiles, they now make it possible for objects of different sizes and shapes to pass through a light curtain. The light curtain can be used flexibly for a variety of objects – all while providing full protection for operators. With no need for the usual muting sensors, the solution also reduces installation and hardware costs.

  • Highlights
  • For different object shapes
  • Muting sensors no longer needed
  • Easy to use

All of this is made possible by combining advanced muting functions with a network-based openSAFETY light curtain with single-beam evaluation. The light curtain captures an object profile and passes the data on to the SafeLOGIC safety controller from B&R, which evaluates the data and executes safety functions based on the current muting mode.

Because the light curtain beams are evaluated individually, no muting sensors are necessary. All relevant data is transferred by the openSAFETY light curtain. The result is less hardware and easier installation.

Each muting mode is supported by a certified function block that is programmed with the safety controller. The following modes are available:

Small Objects Muting

The function block for small object muting calculates the cross section of the object from its contours. All objects that exhibit a cross section less than that of an average person can pass through the light curtain without triggering a safety reaction. This method can be used for items such as beverage six-packs or luggage.

Box Muting

Box muting detects rectangular-shaped objects and allows them to pass through the light curtain without triggering the safety function. This muting mode is ideal for boxes.

Teach In Muting

Teach-in muting allows users to create object profiles on the fly by scanning an object with the light curtain. The light curtain will then recognize subsequent objects of the same type.

The muting modes available from B&R can be combined to cover virtually any application typically encountered in the field. Due to the many different permitted objects, light curtains with advanced muting provide substantially more flexibility than previous muting methods. For example, long as well as short objects can now be transported through a light curtain. Once installed, no more work is needed, even when switching products.

These modes are available as function blocks in the SafeDESIGNER editor for safety applications. The programmer has the choice of using these blocks individually or in combination.

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