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KUKA and Yaskawa MOTOMAN now also offer their robotics controllers with a POWERLINK interface. Robots from these manufacturers can now be integrated seamlessly into B&R automation systems. Machine manufacturers benefit from easier robot programming, increased productivity and greater flexibility.

Libraries are provided for programming the robot in the IEC 61131 environment used for the B&R controllers, ensuring that they are seamlessly integrated into the overall machine application. Specialist robotics knowledge is no longer required. Commissioning is accelerated and timing accuracy is increased.

No need for an extra operator terminal

Since the robotics controller is fully integrated in the general control system, the robot doesn't need its own operator terminal. All the data required for operation and diagnostics can be displayed and modified on the machine's main terminal.

  • Highlights
  • IEC 61131-based robotics programming
  • Robotics seamlessly integrated into automation solution
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Large selection of robotics platforms

The KR C4 robotics controller from KUKA with integrated POWERLINK interface is now available. A corresponding device description file is available for integration into the B&R control system. KUKA also offers the mxAutomation library for programming the robotics controller in the familiar IEC 61131 environment of Automation Studio – ensuring seamless integration of the robotics logic into the overall machine software.

Yaskawa DX200

Yaskawa now offers an integrated POWERLINK interface in its DX200 robotics controller. The device description file and MotoLogix library provided by Yaskawa allow the controller to be integrated into the B&R control system. MotoLogix allows the machine manufacturer to program the robotics controller in IEC 61131 languages for direct integration into the application.

Comau and Stäubli

The C5G (Comau) and CS9 (Stäubli) robotics controllers have featured integrated POWERLINK interfaces for some time now. Together with the new solutions from KUKA and Yaskawa, users now have maximum freedom in the selection of a robotics platform.

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