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Ergonomic, light and extremely impact-resistant – these are the qualities of the handheld operating devices in the MP50 line that enable safe and simple on-site operation and monitoring without sacrificing a single bit of functionality.

System units
Attachment cables
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Operating systems

The devices in this series are differentiated by their display size and controls. Depending on the application, these controls might include a joystick, handwheel, override potentiometer, key switch or illuminated button. MP50 Mobile Panel devices are available with a 6.5" VGA color TFT display. An E-stop button is integrated via an additional connection box, which enables the devices to be connected and disconnected during operation without losing any safety functionality. Two integrated three-step enable switches, ergonomically placed for both left or right-handed operators, provide the highest degree of safety even during setup.

Performance principle

The processors are based on an Intel PXA 270 CPU with 256 MB DRAM. The Windows CE operating system offers a flexible foundation for a wide range of application types, such as mobile thin clients, direct connections to the controller and open SCADA systems. The double-walled panels with IP65 protection have integrated interfaces such as USB and Ethernet 10/100.

The new series fits seamlessly into the B&R system environment. The panels are configured easily using Visual Components. The X20 CPU provides a compact and scalable control platform that unites all functions.

Robust design for use in rough industrial environments

A handheld unit like the Mobile Panel has to meet higher demands than a mounted device. For this reason, the Mobile Panel has a particularly robust design. The double-walled housing absorbs hard impacts. Control elements such as key switches and E-stop are flush-mounted. The rounded housing form dampens external impacts.

In addition, the electronics are positioned to absorb external shocks and jolts as effectively as possible. The housing, cables, and connectors are all protected against dust and sprayed water.

Operation and monitoring

On the Mobile Panel, the limited space available for display and keys is used optimally. B&R decided on a combination of function keys, numeric keys and touch screen. Frequently used functions can be assigned to pre-programmed keys, and functions that depend on the state of the machine are assigned to touch buttons. A digital pen for touch operation can be found on the back of the device.

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