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Power Panel C80 with integrated controller

The Power Panel C80 offers the combined advantages of a powerful controller and a modern operator terminal in a single HMI device. The C80 is installation-compatible with the Power Panel T80 and B&R Automation Panels. This gives users free rein to optimize the performance and costs of their machine.

On the powerful Intel Atom processor, B&R's Automation Runtime real-time operating system runs parallel to a Linux operating system for the HMI server. This is made possible by B&R Hypervisor, which allows the two operating systems to share processing resources without impacting each other's performance.

I/O modules, motion control axes and safety components can be connected directly to the panel. There's no need for additional controllers. The front of the panel provides IP65 protection, making this device extremely well-suited for harsh industrial environments.

The C80 comes with two USB interfaces, one Ethernet interface, one POWERLINK interface and one X2X Link interface. Connections for CAN and RS232/RS485 are available as optional add-ons. The panel is completely maintenance-free, fanless and does not require batteries.

Using the advantages of mapp View

The powerful C80 and T80 Power Panels are ideal for running mapp View HMI applications. With the mapp View software package, B&R offers direct access to the wide world of web technology right from the engineering environment. Automation engineers have all the tools they need to create powerful and intuitive HMI solutions. There is no need to deal directly with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript technology.

B&R has encapsulated the HMI functions in widgets, which the developer can simply drag and drop onto the desired page and configure them there. mapp View is based entirely on web standards, ensuring optimal viewing on any device. The display content can easily be customized for different users and user groups.

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