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APROL ConMon Solution - Software Bundle This includes the preinstalled APROL ConMon system software standard package and all necessary license keys (operating system, APROL, etc.) 1.00x 0TG:220198.007-00 APROL TG. with BAS+ PAL ConMon edition 1.00x 1A43AP.LZ1 AS 3.0/4.0 Single License APROL edition 1.00x AP.ACC-1471 VMware Workstation 10.x Linux / Windows 1.00x AP.SOL-COM-PRO-NEW Solution ConMon - Reporting/PROJECT 1.00x AP.SR-IREPORT-S APROL Add-on JS BI License-E+R solution 1.00x AP.SR-ROEX-OEM-NEW APROL License Set --- OEM RT/Oper/Engin-- 1.00x AP.SW-0050GV-NEW APROL NEW GV License - Runtime 00050 GVs 1.00x AP.SW1-0050IO-NEW APROL IO License - Runtime 50 I/Os 1.00x AP.SW1-APR-NOO-00 APROL Add-On - OPERATOR via Net - 1 User 1.00x AP.SW1-APR-SQLS APROL ADDON - SQL server access

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